SQMS - Saras Quality Management System
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A product which enables you to build QMS required for getting ISO 9001 certification at very less time and cost.

Saras Quality Management System is suitable for organisations -
 1. Who are not aware of minimum required set of procedures, checklists etc.
 2. Who want save time to meet your needs.
 3. Who are not able to devote time to study ISO 9001 Standard.
 4. Who are not able to decide when and where to begin and how to complete in time.
 5. Who are not able to decide how much to invest in time & money to get ISO 9001 certificate.
 6. Who are not aware of what kind of resources required to build QMS.
 7. Who want a trust worthy and easy to manage QMS.
 8. Who are afraid of tedious process of documentation to get ISO 9001 certification.
 9. Last and not least are those who feel that ISO 9001 exposes organisation weakness.
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