SPA - Saras Personal Accountant
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A personal financial accountant which helps in Financial Analysis.

Saras Personal Accountant is suitable for individuals. Flat owners welfare associations, Co-operative Societies, Housing societies, welfare associations etc then Saras Business Accountant suits you.
If you are looking for reports of your accounts updated till last minute of transaction then Saras Personal Accountant meets your requirements.
Want to have software which gives you ease of use and desired reports of your personal money transactions, generate accurate records of financial transactions, feel dedicated software is expensive then please contact us to get benefits by using Saras Personal Accountant .
You can get answers to these questions at any time.

1. What is the monthly income ?

2. What is the monthly expenditure ?

3. What is the money spent on food ?

4. What is amount of money borrowed in this month ?

5. What is the amount of loan taken in this month ?

6. What is money spent on education ?

7. How much amount of loan repaid ?

8. What amount of borrowed money repaid ?

9. Want to keep track of this kind of information by some one ?
10. And so on .....
The money details will be confidential and retrieved only by you.
However you can delegate the data entering work to persons who has gained your confidence and authorisation.
We undertake to keep your information like identity, financial details, personal details strictly confidential with us only and will not be shared without written consent from you.
We give you full software support services to you without any extra cost during the subscription period as per rules.
A subscriber has to enter the inputs of his income and expenditure values. The software will generate reports based on inputs (a) 6 types reports on income (b) 11 types reports on expenditure. These 30+ reports give the figures for financial analysis.
The customer has a choice of product category to choose based on requirement. The following are the details of the product category.
A - Basic package using rights and standard features
B - Separate setup for security
C - Single user
D - Multi user facility
E - 5 CUSTOMISED REPORTS - instead of standard reports
G - 5 - TYPE A CUSTOMISED FUNCTIONS - Additional reports involves no calculations in logic.
H - 5 - TYPE B CUSTOMISED FUNCTIONS - Additional reports involves manipulated logic.
J - 9 TYPE B CUSTOMISED FUNCTIONS - Additional reports involves manipulated logic.
NOTE: At least one year subscription is required to avail any of the features listed at E, F, G, H, I and J.
Product Category
Product code
Features available
A + B + C
A + B + D
A + B + D + E
A + B + D + E + F + G
A + B + D + E + F + G + H
A + B + D + E + F + G + H + I
A + B + D + E + F + G + I + J
A subscription of minimum 10 months will enable you to use for 12 months. You can subscribe for a maximum period of 30 months and enjoy using for 38 months.
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