SCW - Saras Community Website
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A community website which helps you in conveying your latest contact details and other information.


Saras Community Website is suitable for Associations, Flats owners, groups and useful in several ways. You can have your choice name for the website.

 1. Communicate your latest contact details like phone numbers, address, visiting hours.
 2. Reduce phone bills.
 3. No one can make excuses for correct contact details availability.
 4. You can convey best wishes through email to all your community in time regularly.
 5. You can send invitations and other notices to all the members you want in time and without missing anyone.
 6. All members can contact each other and send messages at any time .
 7. Memebers will never receive messages or emails from strangers.
 8. It is a vitural store of all important letters, notices etc.
 9. The information can be accessed general public and also secured way you want.
 10. Members can have your own email id instead of free email. This boost your esteem value of your community.
 11. You will have public and private partitions in your website.
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